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As a personal coach and Tarot Reader of 35 years,
I have helped others on many practical and spiritual paths towards self-empowerment and healing.

My own approach to the Tarot  is one of universality. All archetypes and philosophy can reveal your potential and purpose, uncovering the destiny that truly fulfills you. My gifts of being intuitive and psychic enhance my work, and my background as a counsellor facilitates healing. Traditions of Buddhism, Mysticism and Divination are in harmonious conversation as we peer beyond the veil to find answers and reveal your true gifts. While the currents of the future may indeed be seen, I will work with you to discover the inner power to manifest your dreams, and master your own fate.

"A wonderful friendship with like-minded and beautiful souls."

- Hollywood actors, Diane Ladd & Barbara Niven

John  De Freitas

Tarot Readings and Spiritual Counselling

*video/face chat sessions available for all services 

Includes a general outlook of past and present influences & future trends. Ask two questions of your choice, either specific or related to various life themes including romance, career or finance. Reveal your Karmic Influences and keys to hidden futures.


Discover your personal patterns and what assists or limits you, and the attitudes and gifts that most empower you. 

One Hour Psychic/Spiritual Consultation

*video/face chat sessions available

(may also include Tarot for insights)

  • Psychic self-awareness and protection

  • Answer questions and explore a range of psychic and metaphysical areas, including psychic and spirtitual awakening

  • Clairvoyance and Clairaudience (psychic seeing and hearing)

  • Tarot Reading and Interpretation for beginners and  long time practitioners

  • Aura seeing/sensing, reading and interpretation

  • Nature Mysticism

  • Home blessings, cleansing, and protection against harmful energies

  • Working with crystals for enhancing personal energy and psychic senses

  • Dreamwork and interpretation, shamanic journeying and animal totems

  • Creative Visualization, Mental Magic and Manifestation, Law of Attraction

  • Abundance and wealth consciousness

  • Overcoming trauma and discovering your path to healing

  • Personal empowerment

  • Meditation and keys to inner peace

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