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* video/face chat sessions availablee

For many of us, past traumatic experiences can leave us feeling powerless, fearful or stuck in some area of our lives, preventing us from experiencing true happiness and living our full creative potential. For trauma survivors, unique challenges are presented on the path of personal empowerment. Through greater self-awareness we can claim our true power and transform our circumstances and personal relationships. We can heal ourselves, break old patterns and create new and limitless opportunities to manifest our desires. Ultimately, we can respond to the world with the authenticity and trust that is our birthright.


Together we will: ​​​​​​​


  • Develop your personalized plan for overcoming life challenges through self-empowerment

  • Determine your core values and goals

  • Explore your inner and outer resources for coping, healing, and moving through trauma to transformation

  • Uncover your spiritual nature and it’s benefits for healing and personal growth

  • View trauma from new perspectives, multi-faith traditions and cultures

  • Make friends with the inner critic, rebel, and various characters that get in the way of being your authentic self

  • Build your self-esteem and create positive change through planning and taking action decisively

  • Expertly manage conflict and set healthier boundaries with others. Improve relationships with family members and loved ones

  • Develop a self-care plan and wellness plan that supports your lifestyle

  • Overcome the "Lone Warrior" Syndrome. Develop meaningful personal connections that empower you and a supportive community that sustains you and your goals

  • Reveal obstacles and beliefs that limit your potential and transcend them

  • Identify your gifts and the inner resources that empower you 

  • Establish clarity in your life situation and the choices available to you

  • Define priorities and intentions for manifestation

  • Create tools for focus and plans for success

  • Overcome obstacles to achieving abundance and start tapping into unlimited potential

  • Discover self-awareness to make empowered decisions about your future

  • Learn to trust your intuition and follow life's messages to your ultimate manifestations

  • Take control of your destiny and experience your inner purpose every day

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