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"I do not know anyone who moves from a place of love to the degree that John De Freitas does. He is truly the most selfless individual I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a friendship with. I was once greatly moved when he took the time to meet with me to express his regret of feeling that he had not provided me with enough compassion when I was going through a difficult life situation. I was taken aback, not by his apology, but because he had supported me through my adversity and felt that his degree of compassion was not sufficient. This is who John is, a soulful, loving man, always giving to and supporting others above and beyond. 


He is also a person of deep intuition, a sort of mystical man who feels everything and everyone. John, energetically, brings out the truth in those he meets; his way of being is indescribable and triggers a contagious yearning within those who enter his aura. I can't describe it any other way, except that when John enters my energy space, it shifts to an equilibrium of acceptance and peace. I know I am loved.

What is not a mystery is that John's mandate in life is to achieve a sense of belonging as he intentionally and consistently provides this to everyone he knows.

In Daring to Share, Volume 1, John shares his personal story of

'From There to Here' and how he discovered the feeling of Belonging."

~ Diana Reyers, Authenticity Coach, Publisher, Story Telling and Writing Coach, Founder/CEO & Author of Daring to Share


I invite all of you to join us in the Daring to Share Movement. Read the books, host an event in your community or make a real difference in your day-to-day life with authentic connections. Read my blog and author's blogs and guest bloggers monthly. Share your own story. Join us in our humanitarian mission for connection through Storytelling.

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